Since the beginning of time, humanity has been interested in the advantages of the natural stones and precious stones. For instance, the ancient Egyptians identified a protective virtue of the diamond stone that was beneficial both in developing the spiritual well-being and for medical therapies. When you wear them as jewelry, the power of diamond-stone reinstates balance and results in a soothing feeling of your body, mind, and your soul.

So, what is the meaning of litho therapy? Well, it involves healing by the help of natural stones and minerals. In simple terms, it refers to a holistic process founded on the impact of precious stones on a medicinal and therapeutic level. In order for you to comprehend litho therapy, you ought to recognize the existent of imperceivable energies that reveal both within and around you.

As stated in litho-therapy, every natural stone jewellery and precious stone consists of a particular form of energy that varies depending on its crystallization, colour and compound. The power of the diamond-stone lies in such energy considered impacting both your psychological and physical conditions. The energy from these stones penetrates you and impacts your own energy. Therefore, by positively altering the energy within and around you, you can encounter several benefits including releasing of stress, increased courage and confidence. In addition, you will experience enhanced sleep, increased happiness, improved digestion, among other benefits.

Litho Therapeutic Virtues of the Diamond-Stone


Psychological Benefits

A diamond-stone is a gemstone that vibrates strongly with your Crown chakra that is at your head. The stone links you with supernatural forces, to your personal spirituality, enabling you entry to the energies which vibrate within the earth. As demonstrated by Yoga practitioners, diamond-stone energy positions you with the trembling of your brain, body, and your heart. The stone is therefore among the best gemstone for you to use during your cosmic meditation sessions.

The diamond-stone is also believed to render its owner invincible, specifically during war. Because of this, Napoleon regularly took with him an enormous piece of diamond-stone whenever he went to a battle. The stone is believed to contain virtues and powers that repel negative energies extracted from, for instance, black magic.

The stone has a remarkable absorption capability, and is perceived as both an enormous energy emitted and an exceptional receiver. It therefore enables you to commune with your highest self and with other supernatural forces. It encourages harmony not only within you but also with your partner. You can expect things, so melting down anxiety, obstructions, and stress. Your mind, soul and body are soothed and positioned, enabling the occurrence of the clairvoyant capabilities inherent in you.

This natural stone jewellery can promote your abilities of clairvoyance, reflection, tranquillity, channelling, and premonitory dreams. Therefore, by enabling you to connect with your intrinsic self, it enables you to recall the memories of your childhood. So, this natural stone jewellery is the best for you if you cannot remember most of your childhood memories.

The Healing Virtues of the Diamond-Stone


Physical Healing Virtues

The stone is seen as an exceptional healer because of its capability to amalgamate your mind and body. It is utilized for magnifying the energies and powers of other gemstones while working on certain problems, particularly where blockage of energy results to a physical imbalance. The stone is helpful in cleansing and reinforcing brain functioning, sensory body parts and the nervous system. The diamond-stone is believed to balance the brain hemispheres, and it provides anti-aging abilities and revitalizes energy levels in your body. However, it must be avoided by individuals suffering from depressive manias and paranoid psychosis.

Emotional Healing Virtues

Whereas diamond-stones don’t straightaway work on the emotion of your body, the stone’s powerful energy can magnify the power of your emotional condition, starting from pleasure to desperation, and you ought to wear them watchfully. Diamond stones immerse all stages of the energetic self and can be utilized therapeutically to boost and address fundamental emotional problems, enabling you to feel better, happier, and more aligned with your spirituality.

Chakra Healing/Balancing Virtues

The diamond-stone contains a high-recurrence energy which triggers and accesses each chakras, particularly the Crown and the Etheric Chakras. The Crown Chakras is on your head and is considered your entry to the enlarged cosmos past your body. The Crown controls how you reason and the manner in which you respond to your surrounding. It links you with the higher levels of existent and is considered the foundation of universal energy and truth.Therefore, if your Crown is in a balanced state, your energies are as well in a neutral state. In addition, the Etheric Chakras are on top of your head and are in harmony with greater, highly spiritual informed things. They consist of authentic humility and offer a soul linkage, the greatest self-enlightenment, and a celestial entrance into other universes. The diamond-stones specifically relate with the everlasting segment of the self-recognition with the cosmic, and the harmony with God.

Diamond-stone are essential and contains very important virtues necessary in litho therapies. They are beneficial and can support your body, mind and soul to achieve its full potential.