Like accessories for any outfit, bag or hat, jewelry is also of very high importance for women. An indispensable part of illuminating the whole face is wearing a pair of earrings. One can call this otherwise as the ear chip. Beware, you don't buy them just anyhow.  To choose your ear chips, it is not really a question of taste. You have to take into consideration not only the morphology of the face, but the style of cut as well.

The different types of ear chips

Ear chips or ear jewellery come in different types, shapes and styles. Before making an opportune choice, it is necessary to get to know these beautiful and popular accessories a little better. Thus, one can find on the market what are called creoles, half creoles, ear studs, earcuffs, earcuffs, clips, etc. The latter can still have different clasps, i.e. pushchairs, ratchets, clips or hooks.

Choosing the right earring for your face

A rather important parameter to choose your ear chips is the morphology of your face. This way, whatever the hairstyle, you are sure to radiate while asserting your look. So, for a round face, the models of fine and hanging earrings are recommended. With a square face, it is better to opt for a jewel in a rounded shape. This allows to soften each side of the face. Yet another morphology is the oval face. What is safe in this case is to avoid models that are too long. The best would be to stop halfway up. On the other hand, some people have a heart-shaped face. What will go perfectly with their effigy will be a round, hollow, Creole-type ear chip.

Selecting the earrings flea earrings according to the hairstyle

Another equally essential criterion for choosing your ear chips is the cut you wear or the hairstyle you want to wear to an event. In fact, knowing the varieties of earrings, you can choose the most adequate models. It turns out that with short or boyish hair, one should select creoles or pendants. The former are suitable for rectangular faces while the latter are suitable for a round effigy. In the case of a plated hair, whether in a ponytail or a bun, the face should be highlighted. That's why the choice for fancy ear chips is perfect. You have to dare to go for the XXL models. On the other hand, pearls are intended to be worn with a half tail. Finally, for long or half-long loose hair, the choice is very free between all the models, morphologies and styles you want.