In the making of jewellery, precious metals are among the most prized materials. This is due to the fact that they display elegance and prestige at the same time. Even if costume jewellery is beginning to seduce in the world of jewellery, many people prefer gold or silver ornaments because of their natural and exceptional charm. When it comes to choosing between gold and silver jewellery, there are many criteria to consider. In addition, avoid wearing too much so as not to look overwhelmed.

Choose metal according to your skin tone

Choosing between gold or silver in jewellery follows a simple rule. For those with a tanned complexion, choose gold jewellery to enhance your skin. Gold comes in a variety of colours: white, pink, but choose yellow for its shine and coppery effect. On the other hand, white gold, pink gold and silver harmonize perfectly with fair-skinned people. You can still wear a silver bracelet and a fine gold necklace at the same time to add a little contrast. Hair colour is also a factor to consider when choosing precious metal jewellery. Red and chestnut hair is suitable for yellow and pink gold. While silver gray is suitable with blond or black manes.

Gold is a sure value with evening wear.

For an important event such as a wedding ceremony or an end-of-year gala, opt for gold necklaces and earrings. Gold is the most precious metal in the world and is the perfect complement to classy outfits such as dresses and trouser suits. For more originality, pink gold is the most suitable while bringing a slightly more feminine touch. Regarding the size, choose the jewel that corresponds to your morphology. The casual and vintage style make a good marriage with yellow gold, symbol of luxury and refinement.

Silver jewellery is easy to wear

With the silver ornaments, you won't risk making a false note. That's because money can be assimilated with any outfit, even sportswear. A gold watch is a must have and is a must have for sobriety. In addition, you can mix a silver bracelet with costume jewellery showing your own style. Personalise your silver jewellery by inlaying fine stones such as tourmaline and turquoise for more authenticity. Both gold and silver are metals of choice, so it's up to you to choose the metal according to your style and the occasion.