Rings & earrings

Ring: how to choose your loner?

The solitaire ring represents the jewel par excellence for an engagement. In addition to being simple and beautiful, it symbolizes infinite love. It is also possible to offer it to oneself, if only for the pleasure of adorning one’s fingers…

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How to choose your ear chips?

Like accessories for any outfit, bag or hat, jewelry is also of very high importance for women. An indispensable part of illuminating the whole face is wearing a pair of earrings. One can call this otherwise as the ear chip….

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How to choose your gold creoles?

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Creoles were the flagship accessory for women who wanted to follow the trend. And today, these earrings are back in fashion. Creoles, jewelry at the forefront of trends It is true that they are…

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