It will soon be the birthday of a very dear friend, and you want to mark the occasion. You want to show him or her this year that you really care about him or her. In that case, why don't you give him or her a piece of jewelry? Jewelry is something memorable and lasting. But what kind of jewelry to give for a birthday?

A pendant as a birthday gift

As a birthday jewel, the pendant is the most striking. With the pendant, you can choose the astrological sign of the person you want to give the gift or the initial of their first name as the motif. Otherwise, you can also choose an object that has marked the person's life. For example, if the person loves dogs or cats, the pendant can be a dog or cat figurine. If you are a music lover, you can have a pendant made in the shape of a musical note or in the shape of a musical instrument. As far as the material is concerned, if you want a more durable birthday jewel, it is better to turn to gold, whether it is yellow or pink gold. Silver too is very elegant and can be worn at any time and any event.

The bracelet, a gift marking a bond of friendship

In addition to the traditional first name of the wearer, the bracelet can also carry a message. Indeed, on the bracelet, you can inscribe a word marking your links with the person whose jewellery you are giving as a birthday present. The bracelet marks a link, a strong relationship between two people. Offering a bracelet means that the person to whom you are offering it is important to you, and that you strongly value your friendship.

Other birthday jewellery

The earrings can also be offered as birthday jewellery. To do so, it is enough to know the tastes of the person to whom the jewelry is to be offered, as earrings come in different types, ranging from the flea ear style to the Creole style. The materials can be gold, silver, or gold or silver plated. This can be adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. Concerning the stones, you can still choose them according to the birthday of the person, or choose it according to the method of lithotherapy, or only according to the person's tastes and preferences. If you have goldsmith's hands, you will be able to create the birthday jewellery yourself. To create someone's gifts yourself is to give a little of yourself for him or her: a gift of time, creativity, and affection. In order for this to be a successful gift, it is best to know the character of the individual, and make the jewellery according to his or her tastes and characteristics.