In necklace, bracelet, ring, what jewel would not bring out the beauty of a diamond or a sapphire? Precious or natural stones make jewellery stand out. Moreover, it would be conceivable according to some researchers that stones have a therapeutic virtue. This is the framework of lithotherapy. We often talk about precious stones without really knowing what they are. When they shine, we say that they are precious. But they're not. These stones have different classifications with different values on the market. Where do the differences lie?

Precious stone: the four gem names

Not all gems are precious stones. In fact, there are only 4 kinds of gems. When we talk about gems, they are either diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. There is nothing else apart from that. Unlike other gems, the character of a gemstone is determined by its natural state, it is rare and of exceptional beauty. As for its quality, it is of an exceptional, pure degree. This is how it can be described as a gem. A gemstone comes from the depths, usually from mines, whose extraction is an expensive and at the same time dangerous process depending on the hardness of the stone. This more or less justifies its high price on the market. Diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, these stones are objects of value and even currencies of exchange. To determine the value of the stone, it is evaluated according to weight, carat, colour, provenance, etc...

Natural stones

Natural stones refer to all stones extracted from the earth and rocks. Unlike artificial stones. This term is most often used for semi-precious or fine stones. In the case of aquamarine, onyx, beryl, etc... natural stones sell a lot on the market but at a low price. As rare and pure as they are, they are rather special in the practice of lithotherapy. Natural stones are popular in the healing of certain diseases as well as pain relief. And thanks to these virtues discovered by researchers and practitioners of alternative medicine, the market value of these stones has increased. In necklace, bracelet or other, their splendor remains dazzling.

The differences between precious stones and natural stones

Apart from the similarities they have, there is a difference between a precious stone and a natural stone. Not just one, but many! The first is the value of the stone. So-called precious stones are very expensive compared to natural stones. The rarity of products and the purity of diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphire make them worth a lot on the market. The second is their contribution. The more precious the stones are, the more virtues they have. This is the vision of researchers in lithotherapy. The last difference lies on the carat. Precious stones are those with high carat compared to the rest.