Precious stones are of all kinds and are part of our daily life. Stones are materials that make up the earth and from which they are extracted for personal use. Wearing jewellery adorned with one or more precious stones continues to be in fashion. However, you still need to know how to choose your gemstone. The choice can be the result of several factors: taste, beliefs, fame...


To each his own! Tastes can be a matter of colour without really caring about the name or the nature of the stone. Some people will orient their choice towards the support on which the stone is fixed. Therefore, choosing a gemstone means choosing between wearing a necklace, a bracelet or an anklet... When it comes to taste, in most cases, the name of the stone is never taken into account. It even happens to people to wear stones without knowing their name. This case remains the most frequent among many others.


The stones are reputed to hold healing powers. Also, the stone to be worn will be chosen according to the ailments felt. Choosing a gemstone according to beliefs requires knowledge of the subject. Indeed, one should already know how to recognize the stone in person under the pretext of being deceived. However, specialists can be consulted in order to help find the stone that meets the needs of the user. However, one does not necessarily have to be sick to wear a stone. The stone can maintain the condition as well. This science of healing through stone is called oligotherapy.

The name

Some documents talk about the different gemstones and their peculiarities. Some stones are better known than others and for some people this fame strongly influences the choice of gemstone. On the other hand, other stones are ranked higher than others because of their rarity and price. From this point of view, the price of the stone is supposed to add value to the person wearing it. The common names of famous gemstones revolve around sapphire, ruby, tourmaline... Some stones can be seen in a gemstones shop or in jewellery shops while others are harder to find. However, no two stones are the same. Each stone has its own unique characteristics that individuals may not be familiar with. In general, individuals are more attracted by their shape or colour without worrying about the rest. However, it is possible to wear several stones on either which would allow to combine these three processes at the same time.