A baptism is a very important event in the life of a child, and also for the parents. It is the moment when they officially give the life of their child to the God they believe. To mark this event, family members and friends gather around the child and offer gifts. Jewelry is often ideal because it has a longer life span so that the child can keep them as a souvenir.

Medals: classic and timeless christening gifts

At the top of the list of gifts to be offered during the sacrament of Baptism is the medal. It is mainly chosen by the godfather or godmother as a gift. Many people like to give this baptismal jewel as a protection and good luck charm for the child. The medal can be the symbol of the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. It can also have an angel design, to symbolize the child's guardian angel. It may also bear the face or symbol of the patron saint, chosen by the parents, to protect the child and to bring good luck to the child. In case the child does not yet have a necklace-chain to hang the medal, it would be appropriate to choose a necklace-chain thin enough, but strong enough so that the child cannot break it quickly. As far as the material for the medal and the necklace-chain is concerned, it is best to choose yellow gold, otherwise silver can also be a baptismal gem.

The bracelet: customizable gift

The bracelet is a very interesting gift also as a christening jewel. It can be suitable for girls as well as boys. One of the advantages of the bracelet, too, is that it can be personalized. Most of the time, the child's first name is engraved, or the child's patron saint. But with the creativity of jewellers, other words can also be engraved, such as the wishes for the baptized child, or a biblical verse. As with the chain necklace, remember to choose a material that is strong enough that the child cannot break it quickly enough.

Other jewellery as a baptism gift

To avoid any duplication, or for the sake of originality, the baptismal jewels can be other jewels than medals, or bracelets. For little girls, it is also touching to offer earrings. If the person, who is offering, chooses this option, it is better to choose fairly simple earrings such as flea earrings with precious stones like ruby, and why not pearls too. This is timeless, and can also stand the test of time. For little boys, it is also interesting to choose a pendant that symbolizes something significant in the child's life.