The solitaire ring represents the jewel par excellence for an engagement. In addition to being simple and beautiful, it symbolizes infinite love. It is also possible to offer it to oneself, if only for the pleasure of adorning one's fingers with a pretty ring. However, given the many models offered by jewellers, it is important to choose your ring carefully. How to choose? Discover in this article the criteria of choice to be taken into account to ensure your purchase.

The diamond

Choosing your solitaire is above all about finding the ideal diamond. Once at the jeweller's, you will see that the stone of your future solitaire can have different aspects. To ensure your choice, it is important to think about its weight and therefore its size. Also think about the colour of the diamond. In general, the colour of the stone that adorns a solitaire ring is defined by a letter. It goes from D to Z. If your choice is yellow gold, a diamond of type D remains the most appropriate. This one remains the purest of all. It does not present any yellow reflection or other unpleasant traces. To finish, determine by loving the shape of the diamond. Although it is mainly a matter of taste, it is advisable to choose a shape that gives the diamond the best possible brilliance. In particular, the round cut remains the most model offering the most brilliance to the diamond.

The ring

In general, you will have the choice between two materials. Gold represents the classic model. It comes in many colours, including yellow, white and pink gold. Note, however, that yellow remains the natural colour of gold. So if you choose another colour, your ring will be alloyed with other metals such as silver or copper. Platinum is your second choice. It is gaining more and more interest from buyers and offers many advantages. What are they? Compared to gold, platinum is denser. This is one of the reasons why it is widely used in the creation of luxury jewellery. The only downside is that it is more expensive. If you don't know what to choose, consider your skin tone. A colour that suits you perfectly will give you a better result. If that doesn't help you at all, pink gold is suitable for any skin colour.

The size of your hand

Whatever your preference, keep in mind that a small stone is still the best option for people with thin or short fingers. If, on the other hand, your fingers are long and manicured, larger stones are preferable. Especially when it comes to cutting, it is best to always try a small stone.