A pendant is an essential element to adorn a chain and perfect an outfit. Thus, a pendant worthy of the name knows how to transform a simple look into a sublime outfit. A few tips will help you find the right pendant.

The right pendant

A pendant can be of the costume or jewellery type. It can be made from various materials such as gold, silver, diamond, bronze, brass, crystal ... It can be for all tastes, a bit refined, discreet, or rather showy and eccentric. To choose your pendant, it has to match your style and personality as much as possible. So, if you are exuberant and assume it, a fancy pendant adorned with large, highly coloured stones will do the trick. If, on the other hand, you are rather sober and uncomplicated in style, the choice can be directed towards a fine and pure pendant, in silver or gold, with a noble but discreet stone.

Tips for matching the pendant to your outfit

Whatever your style, when it comes to choosing your pendant, always try to match the colours by sticking to a few basic rules. For example, gold jewellery is better for dark skin if silver jewellery is perfect for fair skin. Generally speaking, you can play with contrasts to enhance your necklace. Thus, with a dark outfit, a bright and light pendant will be the best accessory. For a red outfit, a pendant decorated with red stones will not even be seen. In short, matching jewellery and accessories is not recommended. The best thing to do would be to bring a note to the contrary to your outfit.

A pendant that lives up to its character

If matching outfits with the pendant is not at all its strong point and if you can't decide between several models of necklace or pendant, you should choose the pendant that best suits your personality. If you are the calm and gentle type, showing patience at all times, you should rather look at cold and soothing colours such as blue, green or even crystal. If, on the other hand, your character tends more towards the rebellious and extravagant aspect, you should go for warm and bright colours, to choose your pendant in red, yellow or orange. If you manage to find the pendant that best suits your character trait, everyday outfits will be easy to find and you won't have to worry about wearing your necklace or necklace. Also, if you can't make up your mind at all, you can always ask your jewellery shop for advice.