The bracelet completes your outfit and brings a touch of elegance to your wrist. The jewel finds its public among all generations. Indeed, men, women, children and even babies can wear it. The market offers a wide choice of models, in this case the rush or chain bracelet. Discover all that it is necessary to remember about these jewels and some advices to choose them well.

The rush bracelet

The rush bracelet is the jewel par excellence for women. Despite its feminine style, the accessory is also suitable for men. A timeless jewel, it is available in 2 versions: the non-closed model with a ball at the ends and the circular non-closed model. The first accessory was intended for slaves during the ancient tradition. This is why it was named slave bracelet. It is similar to a bracelet because its middle is flattened. Then, the second model is thin or less wide. This jewel conveys a more modern look. These accessories have the advantage of being aesthetic. All you need is a rush bracelet to sublimate your wrist. It adapts to all clothing styles and avoids the risk of fashion faux pas. You benefit from several options between the models with 2 thin bands and 3 bands.

The chain bracelet

The chain bracelet is a more elegant version of the chain bracelet (made up of a single chain). The jewel conveys a glamorous and refined style. The multiple choice between the wide range of models is its main asset. Indeed, the links are available in: ball link, diamond link, slave link, horse link, Venetian link, twisted link, bean link, gourmet link, coffee bean link, English link, snake link, mirror link... Some jewels are for men while others are for women. In addition, the coffee bean, navy, alternating mesh, and bracelet mesh are aimed at a male public. In addition, the accessory is highly appreciated for its robustness. Finally, wearing the chain bracelet does not cause any discomfort and ensures good comfort.

Which one to choose?

The choice depends first and foremost on the look you are looking for. If you want to show off your traditional and relaxed style, opt for a rush bracelet. Conversely, if you want to reveal your refined side, opt for a chain bracelet. The selection is then made according to the size of your wrist. A thin wrist requires a chain as a piece of jewellery. If you prefer the rush bracelet, choose a silver accessory. For women and men with a large wrist, the choice is between chain bracelets with snake chain, American chain, palm chain or English chain. These large jewels fit perfectly with the dimensions of the wrist. Finally, your taste must always be taken into account before validating your choice.