For all jewellery, necklaces are potentially the most noticeable. But if you decide to buy or wear them, choosing the perfect necklace for you is not easy. Whether you're a man or a woman, find out the tips for choosing a choker.

The choker, a story of morphology

On a daily basis, a necklace is effective in enhancing the beauty of your neck and décolleté. When choosing the latest fashion trends today, it is very important that you take into account the morphology of your face. For example if you have a heart-shaped, square or rectangular face, a short necklace like a choker is particularly perfect for you. Other criteria also need to be taken into account, people with long faces are ideal to wear a short necklace to break their waistline, and for round people, as long as they wear a very thin necklace, the jewel does not weigh down their silhouette. If, on the contrary, you are fine and small, fine and discreet jewellery is perfect for you, because massive pieces can only make your silhouette heavier...

The perfect necklace for men

Men are often not interested in fashion or trendy accessories. They just love to unfurl his necklace around their neck, whatever the model. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to talk about necklaces with diamonds or other precious stones. Men will be interested in simple and conventional models. You can then choose the necklace according to the desired material. Generally, necklaces in silver, platinum, or yellow and white gold are ideal for men. But these men's necklaces, whatever the material, the shape and style must look like the one who will wear them.

The perfect necklace for women

When it comes to the woman's necklaces, the choice is going to be more complicated than that of the man. Indeed, women's choices contain a lot of more options. Otherwise, her choice will focus on trendy materials such as silver, yellow/pink/white gold necklaces. On the multitudes of shapes and styles, women will also like necklaces: long, fancy, choker, long necklace or heart-shaped, nylon or flat, etc.. This is why the choices on women and men are very different. Especially, women have considered having all the stones, to give it a chic and elegant look. However, stones such as ruby diamond, emerald or sapphire are all ideal stones for a woman's necklaces.