For Catholics, First Communion is an important event for children, but also for parents. After this sacrament, the child will be able to participate in communion every time there is a Mass. In order to mark this event and create an unforgettable memory for the child, parents, godparents and the whole family should give the child a symbolic gift.

The different types of communion jewellery

The rosary necklace is the gift of reference for a communion. There are different designs and models to suit all tastes. But today, there are trendy communion jewels that adults can offer to their children, nephews, nieces and goddaughters. Right now, we even have the possibility to refer to online boutiques that specialize in the sale of gifts to offer on the occasion of a child's first communion. You can find earrings, fancy bracelets, medals, gold, silver or crystal pendants and bracelets. The pendants can be personalized by engraving the child's name and the date of his or her first communion. It is also possible to acquire a pendant in the shape of a cross or with photos of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or the patron saints such as Saint John the Baptist, Saint Matthew, Saint Patrick, Saint Theresa, Saint Appoline, etc. Religious pendants can be combined with a silver or gold chain or a simpler material such as a cotton or leather cord.

Jewellery for boys

For a little boy who has received his first communion, we can offer him a chain with a medallion. He will be able to wear it until adulthood. A bracelet with an engraved silver cord or bracelet bracelet bracelet is also an original and endearing gift idea. In order to please the child, it is better to go for fashionable and modern communion jewellery. A necklace with an angel pendant is also a wise choice.

Gift ideas for girls

Little girls are more coquettish than boys, but they are also more demanding. To please them, it is important to choose fashionable jewellery rather than grandmothers' jewellery. Fortunately, there is a wide range of jewellery on the market. You can acquire a stylish bracelet, earrings, Virgin Mary medal, miraculous medal, gold or silver crosses and designer rosary necklace. The jewel is a symbolic gift that allows the child to remember forever the day he received the sacrament. A pretty tiara will also please a little girl. Don't forget to personalize the jewel with a jeweler so that the gift is more personal.