Jewellery of elegance & style


Trendy fashion jewellery

The jewelry trend is turning to oversize. From choker necklaces to pearl earrings, spring summer jewellery is taking off. Fashion jewellery simply gives each of our outfits that little something extra. It’s been a long time since costume jewellery has been used as a substitute for expensive jewellery. Modern necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets sparkle in the most diverse styles and materials, from purist to extravagant, trendy to timeless.

From pendants to necklaces, from earrings and rings to bracelets, watches and bracelets, you have a wide range of choices to dress up your outfit. Today’s jewellery is inspired by the latest trends and responds to different tastes and styles including minimalist, bohemian, baroque, romantic, ethnic … It is now possible to wear something simple, cheap and fits perfectly with the trend and fashion.

Gold Jewellery

Jewellery in yellow, white or pink gold that will perfectly accessorize a casual or more chic outfit.

Diamond jewellery

Real object of fascination and symbol of eternity that never ceases to charm with its brilliance.

Silver jewellery

Stylish silver wedding rings, chains and jewellery models for any event or for a simple desire...

Beaded jewellery

Natural, elegant and precious pearls will make your femininity speak for itself.

Jewellery in natural stones & minerals

The virtues of the stones really began to make themselves known around lithotherapy in the Middle Ages. Many lapidaries advocated medical benefits and magical properties on certain types of stones.

Jewellery in natural stones et minerals1
Jewellery in natural stones et minerals2
Jewellery in natural stones et minerals-3
Jewellery in natural stones et minerals4
Jewellery in natural stones et minerals5
Jewellery in natural stones et minerals6
Stone jewellery

Stone jewellery

Choosing the right jewellery

The choice of jewelry will depend on your skin tone and hair colour. So, if you are brown, Latino or Italian, or have black skin, yellow gold jewellery is the right choice for you. For the stone, choose a ruby, amethyst or turquoise of a pastel colour, or a warmer shade. Chestnut or red hair also goes well with yellow gold jewellery set with an amber stone. Orange tones can indeed enhance these complexions.

If you have white skin with a pinkish appearance and brown hair, jewellery in silver or white gold will make you look great. As for the stones, emerald, sapphire or ruby will suit you perfectly, by choosing colours like blue, purple or red. Silver or white gold jewellery will also go with your skin tone if you are blonde. Diamond or zirconium are the stones to be preferred, of a yellow, pink or acute marine colour.

Creation of made-to-measure jewellery!

The relationship we have with the objects that surround us differs according to the object. There are some that we like more than others. Jewellery, especially if it has a symbolic value, is one of these privileged objects. We would like to imbue them with our personality, whether they are unique, specially designed and made for us, with confidence.

Have the jewel of your wildest dreams! Custom jewellery manufacturing brings to life the most precious jewellery, imagined to please a loved one or to satisfy a personal pleasure. It is about having something symbolic. The meaning of the jewels plays a role when you are going to choose a head jewel, a hair jewel, etc.